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The fundraiser you love, the products you enjoy!

Terms of Agreement

School Spirit Coffee agrees to provide you:
Quality Products, no substitutions, and excellent customer service.

A Sales Package at no upfront cost – See Conditions Below *

The School Spirit Coffee Sales Package includes:
The number of order forms requested.
A full size sample of your packaging and label.
Product Facts, Fundraising Tips, End of Sale Forms and two one pot samples of our amazing coffee for sampling.

Customer Service throughout your fundraiser.

Shipment of products within two weeks of receiving your order. Shipment of products is conditional on payment received prior to shipment or that a Purchase Order number has been submitted for payment.

A Receiving Form (inventory form) that will be shipped with your products. Please report any missing or damaged items within 2 business days. The Form allows you to classify missing products in three way: (1) the products were ordered and not received, (2) the products needed were not placed in the original order or (3) the products were damaged in transit.

Shipment of any missing or damaged items reported within one week.

* Conditions: in order to provide your group a Sales Package which includes our four color trifold brochures at no upfront cost we require: (1) that you complete the sale and (2) that you place a minimum order based of the number of brochures received, plus the cost of shipping. The cost per brochure is .50 plus a flat rate shipping fee of $15.00. (Example: If you receive 100 order forms and your Group Order exceeds $65.00, you will not be invoiced for a Sales Package)

Your Fundraising Group Agrees to:

Start and Complete a School Spirit Coffee Fundraiser.

Provide payment or Purchase Order number prior to shipment of order.

Use the Receiving Form (inventory form) to report any missing or damaged items within 2 business days.

Adhere to the Conditions outlined above. If our sale is not completed or doesn’t meet the minimum sale per order form minimum set above, we agree to be invoiced and pay for the cost of receiving a School Spirit Coffee Sales Package.

Have the best fundraiser ever!