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The fundraiser you love, the products you enjoy!

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School Spirit Coffee uses only the highest quality Arabica Beans from Central and South America. Our coffee is Full City to American Roast, medium for a bold flavor, never dark. Guaranteed fresh!

All of our coffees are purchased from member countries of the International Coffee Agreement which supports sustainable farming practices and fair wages to farmers.

Gourmet Ground or Whole Bean Coffee

Sells for $12.00
  • Breakfast Blend (Decaf Available) Welcome the morning with this smooth Central and South American Blend. Full City Roast.
  • French Roast Roasted dark which pulls out the caramel flavors. Makes an excellent espresso.
  • Signature Roast This special roast takes our blend to a darker full bodied flavor.
  • English Toffee A very British and delightful blend of butterscotch and creamy caramel flavors that offer a rich and satisfying taste.
  • French vanilla (Decaf Available) The luscious vanilla flavoring gives this coffee a rich and satisfying taste for any occasion.
  • Hazelnut Supreme A sublime coffee with mellow hazelnut compliments. Extremely popular among the flavored coffees.
  • Pumpkin Spice Nutmeg and seasonal spices make this a holiday favorite.
  • Snicker-Doodle A delicate blend of hazelnut and cinnamon flavors bring to life one of our most popular flavored coffees ever. A year round Holiday Treat.
  • Swiss Chocolate Almond Dark chocolate flavoring with a hint of almond. Truly a delicious mix of flavors.


Sells for $14.00
  • K-Cups One dozen single serve pods. Compatible with all single serve brewers and are 100% recyclable.

Sweet Treat

Sells for $8.00
  • Espresso Bark White Chocolate Bark blended with our espresso coffee. Guaranteed to delight your sweet tooth!

Luxury Tea

Sells for $12.00
  • Norfolk English Breakfast Certified Fair Trade and Ethical Tea Partnership. Full bodied, rich mellow taste.
  • Vanilla Rooibos (Decaf) Fruity, vanilla notes and jazzy depth. Naturally Caffeine Free.

Specialty Drinks

Sells for $10.00
  • French Vanilla Cappuccino Classic vanilla flavoring, creamy and rich.
  • Hot Chocolate A deliciously rich chocolate treat. It can also be added to our nonflavored coffees to create a coffee shop “Mocha Jo”.

Gourmet Cooking

Sells for $8.00
  • Espresso Rub Specialty Espresso combined with Ancho Chili Powder, Other Herbs and Spices create a rub that will "wake up" your meats and vegetables. Medium Heat.

Products & Profit

# of items Sold< 150
45% Profit
> 150
45 to 50% Profit
500 +
45 to 50% Profit
ShippingActual UPS ChargeActual UPS Charge50% off UPS Charge
There is never a charge for Private Label - that is what we do!

Artwork Guidlines

Artwork should sent to us as an attachment to our e-mail address at debbie@schoolspiritcoffee.com. Preferred File Formats include the following PC based programs: Microsoft Office Publisher, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator or Photo. Artwork and graphics are best saved as a JPEG, GIF or PNG File. The art can be sent separately or as part of a Word or Publisher document.

We will reply to art e-mail to confirm receipt of artwork. School Spirit Coffee can not improve the quality of your graphic. Look for quality resolution - 300 dpi or higher.

The finished label is 3"W X 4"H. You do not need to format your artwork to this size, but if you do, setup your page to this custom size with 0 margins on all sides.


Upon receipt of usable art we will confirm receipt and use that artwork to create your private product label. A full size sample of your product packaging will be sent with your Sales Package. If needed, changes to the label design can be made until the time of your order‘s production.

School Spirit Coffee Design

The School Spirit Coffee Design is a generic label design available to those who choose not to use original art. The name of your organization is prominently featured on the label.

Online Fundraising

Enhance your School Spirit Coffee Fundraising sale by adding our Online Option. Family and friends anywhere in the continental US can purchase products on our ecommerce website at www.creativecoffees.com and your group will earn 30% profit from all those sales.

Purchases are shipped directly to your customers so you don’t have to do anything but send out an email blast. School Spirit Coffee will email you the Blast that you will easily be able to personalize for your group. Share this blast with your participants and encourage them to email and use Social Media to get the online sales started.

A copy of all online invoices for your group will be mailed to you at the end of your fundraiser along with a check for your profit. In addition, the online fundraiser can continue to run year round and profits are reported to you monthly.

School Spirit Coffee Fundraising Agreement

School Spirit Coffee agrees to provide you:
Quality Products, no substitutions, and excellent customer service.

A Sales Package at no upfront cost – See Conditions Below *

The School Spirit Coffee Sales Package includes:
The number of order forms requested.
A full size sample of your packaging and label.
Product Facts, Fundraising Tips, End of Sale Forms and two one pot samples of our amazing coffee for sampling.

Customer Service throughout your fundraiser.

Shipment of products within two weeks of receiving your order. Shipment of products is conditional on payment received prior to shipment or that a Purchase Order number has been submitted for payment.

A Receiving Form (inventory form) that will be shipped with your products. Please report any missing or damaged items within 2 business days. The Form allows you to classify missing products in three way: (1) the products were ordered and not received, (2) the products needed were not placed in the original order or (3) the products were damaged in transit.

Shipment of any missing or damaged items reported within one week.

* Conditions: in order to provide your group a Sales Package which includes our four color trifold brochures at no upfront cost we require: (1) that you complete the sale and (2) that you place a minimum order based of the number of brochures received, plus the cost of shipping. The cost per brochure is .50 plus a flat rate shipping fee of $15.00. (Example: If you receive 100 order forms and your Group Order exceeds $65.00, you will not be invoiced for a Sales Package)

Your Fundraising Group Agrees to:

Start and Complete a School Spirit Coffee Fundraiser.

Provide payment or Purchase Order number prior to shipment of order.

Use the Receiving Form (inventory form) to report any missing or damaged items within 2 business days.

Adhere to the Conditions outlined above. If our sale is not completed or doesn’t meet the minimum sale per order form minimum set above, we agree to be invoiced and pay for the cost of receiving a School Spirit Coffee Sales Package.

Have the best fundraiser ever!