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When you complete this Worksheet Page you will be contacted by a representative of School Spirit Coffee within 24 hours. Our Sales Packages will be mailed out within a week. Thank you for choosing School Spirit Coffee!

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The product purchases will be shipped directly to the customer and shipping charges will be applied. This Code will not be discontinued so that your group can continue to earn profits year round.

Profit and Payments – Online sales earn 30% profit. Payment of the online sales will be sent at the end of your brochure sale with a copy of every order we receive. Thereafter payment of any online sales using your code will be mailed to you monthly along with a copy of the orders.

School Spirit Coffee will provide you the Code in a promotional blast that your participants can email to friends and family and post on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Delivery Address (all packages must be delivered to a commercial address - additional shipping fees may apply if this option is unavailable)