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Thank you for considering School Spirit Coffee. It would be a privilege to work for you. Because of the national health pandemic, things are different this fall and we look forward to working with you in new ways.

There are three ways to conduct a School Spirit Coffee Fundraiser this fall:

  1. Online only (30% Profit)
  2. The online program provides your participants a way to virtually engage friends and family, anywhere in the US, to support your cause. They will receive an email directing them to the School Spirit Coffee website to click the “Support a Fundraiser” tab. During check out there is a mandatory field to put the name of the group they are supporting. The products are shipped directly to the customer, and there is free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more. Your group will receive a copy of every order we receive for you, and a check for the profit.

  3. Bulk order (45 to 50% Profit)
  4. In this case, you would order up front what you would like and distribute those products to the participants. The participants would be responsible for selling whatever amount you choose. Bulk orders of 150 items or more earn 50%, while orders less than 150 items earn 45%. We can help you put together an order based on our most popular products.

  5. A combination of Online and Bulk order (30 to 50% Profit)
  6. We believe this option will bring you the best results. You'll still receive 30% profit for online sales and 45-50% profit for bulk orders depending on item quantity.

All products can still be private label at no additional charge!

If you need more information please complete the Contact Form, email or call us. When you are ready to move forward please complete the Get Started Form.